High Heels

The keys to our happiness!!!!

I had such a fabulous weekend, albeit a cold one. One of the slaves from My early days got in touch with me. He discovered My new site and found out I am in NYC. Mike is a handsome man with impeccable manners and highly successful. A true gentleman. He took Me out on a lavish shopping spree and capped it off with a wonderful cozy dinner and drinks. I knew early on that he is a man of substance with a bright future. I am glad My instincts were right. He was into chastity and cuckolding. I had him in chastity for six months and we both had a lot of fun. He spoiled Me madly! I even contemplated stealing him, but My gut feelings were that he was not ready. He is currently married to a woman who won’t do any of the wonderful things I did to him. He’s got kids and that complicates things further. Of course, I offered to talk to her to persuade her that she could be part of our wonderful relationship as My submissive as well. However, Mike was too afraid she might fall in love with Me and I would just enslave her and forget about him.

At dinner, he brought up the subject of the key to happiness. I thought that he was having a philosophical conversation, but then he opened up the floodgates and told Me all about his life. He had gotten married to his girlfriend and got saddled with kids. He feels he can not get rid of his deep seeded need for cuckolding. He had focused on his career and became very successful. He tried to be a good husband and father, but the one thing lacking in his life was Me, no one else compared. He had reminisced about the fun we had and dreamed he could live those days again. And, now he has found Me. He read My blog and was eager to resume right where we left off. If I was open to the proposal, he wanted to be locked away until the end of the year. We had a little misunderstanding since I had him locked up for six month previously, I thought he meant until the end of 2023. He apparently meant just for this year. He was offering Me the key to his chastity, certain that it was the key to his happiness. And he hoped that it would be to Mine as well. I told him that I would consider his request, and kissed him goodnight after he dropped Me home. I got a thank you note in the morning with a delivery of roses which consented he is agreeable to chastity until the end of the year. And an enticement payment of 5k with his expression of interest in the personal position. Knowing him, I trust him and he definitely has potential. He is very submissive and I know he is comfortable being in the shadow, doing as told without impeding or cramping My lifestyle. Yet, I think it is a bit early. I admire his aspiration, be it a bit lofty one at this point. I will be glad to be proven wrong for the sake of us both. In My case, I need keys to be happy, plural! And I know Mike fully understands this fact. Let us see where this journey leads.