Mirror selfie in nightie

Busy Days

It has been extremely busy time for Me this year. Since I moved to New York, My subbies in Florida had been hounding Me to return. They missed Me terribly. I thought I would make a quick one-week visit. I had so many requests that I ended up staying there for three weeks. It was a lot of fun though. Some of My slaves are old and very submissive. The kind of games we play are a bit raunchy even for this blog. They like to play hard like it is their last day on earth. And I revel in the energy they give out. I love it. One slave in particular, Robert, was a first-time client. He is a 62-year-old black gentleman. I saw him My first day in Florida. He is into a total bitch who has Her way with him. Very well behaved. Regardless of how bad I treated him, he just said ‘As you wish’. He reminded Me of the movie ‘The Princess Bride’. He certainly treated Me like a Queen. Several shopping trips and a lot of pampering. There was endless praise of My beauty which made Me giddy with pleasure. He adored My blonde hair. His weakness was when I turned My head unexpectedly and whipped his face with My hair. Once I realized it, it was like taking a candy from a child. I am surprised that I did not hurt My neck. He was very intelligent and the conversation over dinners were wonderful. One evening, he talked about prism and he wanted Me to see the world from his prism. I was wondering what he was talking about. He explained. From reading My blogs, he figured I already had Chinese and Arab slaves. He himself added a different hue to the mix. The point he was making was that the rainbow of beautiful colors, combined in unified submission, must be the ingredients that make The Beautiful White Goddess Mistress Octavia Taylor. I could have poked holes to his logic. But I was too enamored to. Instead, he got a peck on his cheek and a hair lashing. He saw Me every day I was in Florida. Thank you, Robert. You made My stay so very memorable.

With all the fun I had, I was wondering why I ever left. My Chinese girl CC held the fort in New York while I was away. She got the honor of putting Mike into chastity this time. CC has become one of My all-time favorites, a perfect slave girl. I am back in New York now. I will take a few days off to relax before taking in person sessions. In the meantime, I will be taking calls. This should please My Arab and Florida slaves. I recommend newbies to call Me first.

Mike: The videos are on https://www.manyvids.com/Profile/1005463962/Taylor-Mist/Store/Videos/