Goddess Octavia Taylor

Best Date Ever

Early December last year, a submissive girl contacted Me to find out if I was open to a GFE outing. I told her I was as long as I was compensated for My time. She agreed without any hesitation. She booked a four-hour session and we agreed to meet for lunch on Friday. The restaurant she had booked was a reputable one. I put on my red semi long skirt with a split on the right side, a flowery blouse, black knee-high boots and a long red winter coat. It was elegant and sexy at the same time. I got there about 5 minutes late and I was greeted by a beautiful Chinese subby girl in her early thirties. She was beautiful, slim, shapely with flawless soft skin. I liked her immediately. She asked Me if I approved of the booth, she had booked for us. I nodded My approval. I was looking forward to the introductions. She knew all about Me, going back years. She had done a thorough research on Me. I was pleased. She carried herself with dignity and confidence. She was eloquent and communicated clearly and effectively. She exuded class and we hit it off right away. I informed her that the best way forward was to be honest and clear. She came from a well to do aristocratic family in Hong Kong. They had migrated to US when she was very young. She was brought up well and had graduated from an Ivy League school. Just a normal upbringing albeit a privileged one. She realized early on that she was only attracted to women, a beautiful classy one. She had tried dating a lesbian dominatrix once which had left her disappointed. Since then, she had spent a lot of time searching online someone she would really like to submit to. She thought she was extremely submissive but untested. She was looking to discover herself. I was very pleased with how upfront she was about everything. One thing that turns me off is someone from whom it is like drawing blood from stone.

We had a pleasant lunch and over two hours had flown by. I could tell that the subby girl was really enjoying My company. She wondered if I would consider extending the date. I liked her enough that I agreed. Given it was so cold, I decided to take her to My place after she withdrew some money from her bank. Once home, I had her strip down to her underwear and pour ourselves some wine. She started massaging My feet while she told me more about herself. A good portion of her life lately had been focused on trying to find the woman of her dreams online. When she read about my escapades with the arab slave, she had to contact Me. One of her biggest fetishes was to belong to The Perfect Blonde who would accept her need for race centric submission. I am sure she was thrilled to see the broad smile on My face. She was not into serious physical pain, just a bit of slapping and dragging by the hair, spitting and being used as a piss pot. She was mainly into providing maid service, ordered around while being berated with utter verbal humiliation, obviously racially charged. It was perfect timing. I had lots to be done at my place. I put her to work immediately. To My delight, the bitch really meant what she said. She did an excellent job with everything I had assigned her. Trust Me, this is a very rare quality. I called in the day around 8 pm.

The next day she wanted to see Me again, and I was happy that she wanted to. I wanted it as much as she did. She could do all the chores that I needed done while I got paid for it. I put her to work as soon as she got to My place early in the morning. Late that afternoon, we had a drink and she told me more about herself. Her initials spelled CC and she wanted to be addressed as chinese cunt or ch**k cunt. I love it. She told Me she was really taken in by Me, My beauty and My power. She offered to be at My beck and call, day and night. And she wanted to pay for the privilege. She knew the value of My time. I was really falling in love with this cunt. Well, I made the most of her offer. I called her at ungodly hours to report, day and night. And she did without failure. Not sure how she was able to pull it off. After about a week, this just became our standard routine. I cut her tribute to quarter of My initial rate. Unlike other slaves, she was really helpful and I liked her. We talked about our plans for the holidays. She did not have anything major other than the Christmas with her aging parents. I had to travel to mine as well which I was not really looking forward to. There was a lot to be done. My chinese subby offered her services if I needed it. When I asked about her Christmas plan with her parents, she nonchalantly said that I was far more important to her. As a matter of fact, she would enjoy being forced to skip it for My needs and convenience. She knew just the right things to say. She confessed then that she wanted her personal space invaded and her relationships with her friends and family dictated. It made her feel owned which she hoped one day be a reality for her. With this knowledge, I declared firmly that she would accompany Me to help out, and she had no say in it. I introduced CC to My parents, as a slave in consideration, there to help out. Yes, My parents are fully aware of what I do. CC felt very honored that I was considering her. She was perfect. We hardly had to lift a finger. All I needed to do was smack her around a bit. In private I racially shredded her to pieces which she lives for. We found out that she likes being slapped back handed which has become our favorite. A back handed slap and some vile name calling, and she just melts to the shape that I want. Over a month just flew by. On the way back, she professed that her time with Me has been the best in her life, and she would do anything for the honor of being able to call Me her owner. She desperately wanted to belong to Me. I told her that she was doing very well and that I really liked her. But we needed time and take it slow. Besides, I do not want my lifestyle cramped with a live-in. If things worked out, then I may consider collaring her when I retire in about a year. A big MAY (serious responsibility), reserved for the real sincere ones. The dilemma for Me is that she is the real sincere kind. Upon our return, she voluntarily provided all information about her including financial (details and access information) to Me. She rather insisted on handing them over to Me, in order to win Me over. For the moment, I intend to keep it the way it is. She knows that she has a chance with Me and that I am very happy with her. I do feel very fortunate to have her. My time in NYC has just become so much easier and fulfilling. Now you know where I have been. I am back all recharged to play.