It is a wonderful world!!!

I had an admirer, apparently for some time, reach out to me on NiteFlirt. A well-spoken and rather shy, he appeared to know how to treat a lady. He got more comfortable after a few long calls and started sharing about his life and his fantasy. He had always known that he was a submissive. He connected with dominant women and enjoyed handing over power. A chase for a typical American picket fence dream, followed by an epic American divorce, ensued in life. He got back on his feet and rebuilt his business successfully. He had it all including a huge void in his life. The one thing he desperately desired, to hand over control to someone he trusted, was not to be. Lately, especially after discovering my site, his yearning grew to be all consuming. He needed to give into the temptation before it got out of control. He wondered if I would be able to provide an experience for him where he felt completely under control. Specifics were hard to extract of him, but it appeared he wanted Me to be invasive and disruptive with his valuable time and space. He needed to feel Me all hours of the day. I thought about it for a couple of days on the best therapy for him. I then informed him that he was to deposit 20 dollars every four hours, day and night, on the hour like a clockwork. It would be for a period of the entire week. He was happily agreeable and surprisingly punctual. I reprimanded him for a couple of tardiness which he ensured did not reoccur. My strategy worked like a charm. I sprinkled it with demands for him to contact Me at ungodly hours. I am sure he felt Me every minute of the week. He was sleep deprived initially, but adjusted with time. He was very appreciative at end of the week. He wanted it to continue. I was worried about his wellbeing and productivity in life in general. But who am I to argue? We agreed to extend it another month, except I changed the frequency of the deposits from four hours to every two hours. He was very thankful. Our relationship got closer and stronger over this month. He professed that I had become the most important thing in his life. He loved the feeling and it made him happy. In one instance during the month, I demanded that he call Me which he did immediately. Mid call, he had to put me on hold. When he came back, I found out that he had received a call from his daughter which he had to take. I had no idea that he had a daughter. I expressed my displeasure that he had conveniently forgotten to mention that part of his life. He sincerely apologized for it with an excuse that he felt it was not important. I informed him that he was to be fully transparent with Me about everything in his life. He agreed. For the record, I did believe him but I wanted to take the opportunity to make a point, make him feel My control that he so desired. I also made it very clear to him that I did not appreciate being put on hold. We had an understanding that I was to be the most important person in his life. I understand that it was his daughter calling, but I am his owner. To Me, she is just a daughter of a slave. Essentially a slave by extension. I think that was the moment he genuinely gave into Me. I just knew it.

A couple of days later, he enquired on the possibility of Me spending some time at his residence in Florida, not far from My home base. He was getting roped in by Me and he wished to experience the feeling of an owned house slave. He was earnest in his request. He was thinking of a month-long commitment. I told him that we could try it for a couple of days and see if I feel safe before I would consider a long-term arrangement. Once we agreed on the terms, I headed out to his place, a nice large house in an affluent neighborhood. He was a good looking fit older man in his late sixties. He greeted Me on his knees, handed Me the keys to the house along with security codes. I immediately relegated his sleeping room to the garage with a couple of blankets and a pillow. He was to speak when spoken to and do as he was told. I allowed him to do his business and spent time just talking about all kinds of things when I wished. He treated Me like the Goddess that I am. He was at My beck and call to do all My biddings. I felt very comfortable, and he made sure that I felt at home. It all naturally fell into place. I felt like I owned him and his place, and he felt like a real owned slave. We agreed on the extension of the arrangement for another three months. I asked him how he felt after signing the contract, and his response was that it is a wonderful world.

I am so blessed that my loyal subjects are ever present to take care of my place in New York. I will be mostly in Florida for the next few months. I will be back in New York on and off for brief visits. If you have trouble getting hold of Me in NYC, you now know why. I am still doing what I normally do, like take calls and dominating slaves. It is just in Florida for the time being. The best way to get in touch with Me is via NiteFlirt: 

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