Latex Blonde

All American BLONDE

As you know, I’ve relocated to NYC! My slave girl from Florida was in town the whole week of Thanksgiving to help Me unpack and get My wardrobe sorted. She did most of the work before Thanksgiving. I was hoping for a quiet weekend. Mike, My favorite slave, got his new chastity device and was awaiting My instructions. On Thanksgiving morning, My slave girl and I went to his Manhattan condo. I instructed him to empty his balls and meet us outside with the device and the cum in his hands. I had him lick his hands clean. My slave girl locked him up in the chastity. He was terrified that all of this was happening outside of his pad, yet so excited at the prospect of discovery, even with his empty balls in this predicament. He was not expecting Me to choose this day for his imprisonment. After all, his family was home! I had to remind him that it is precisely the reason Thanksgiving this year became so auspicious. And I could tell he was very thankful before he uttered the words down on his knees!

We headed back home and I had someone desperately trying to reach Me via Niteflirt chat. He called as soon as I went online hoping I would be available for a conversation. I gave him some of My time and he was respectful and had a lot of questions about live sessions with ME. After about an hour, I was beginning to get bored because he was so worried about what he hoped to embark on, paranoid about his identity and discretion. I sternly reminded him that I am a professional known for integrity and trust. He either trusted Me or he could save us both some time and money. He asked permission to call Me in an hour, after loosening up a bit with some drinks. It was only his respectful manners that persuaded Me to grant him one more chance. He was much more comfortable and communicative. He apologized for his cautious approach, but he had to be careful because he held an important position. He understood I would not divulge any personal information of his to any one. Interestingly enough he knew that I greatly valued discretion and it was one of the very reasons he’d reached out to Me. He had done extensive research on ME. As he got more comfortable, I encouraged him to open up and he did so slowly. Then the levee broke and it revealed so much you could say he gushed! He grew up in the middle east, a normal life believing everything around him was the best and proper. He realized he was a submissive with no access to dominant women in his life. He resorted to fantasy and it progressively became unbearable for him to live without a superior female in his orbit. Eventually, he moved to the US, and discovered that he preferred submission in mind and not in real life play. The difference was he could be extremely submissive if someone understood how to play with his mind, or how to capture it. He had not been able to communicate this need or find anyone who really understood it or him.

Then his life changed forever when he came across My site! I was just the kind of woman he had envisioned in his dreams — A Beautiful Dominant Blonde!!! He pleaded with Me to listen to his fetish without judgment. He had a feeling that I would understand him. Given his background and upbringing, he had developed a fascination for western white women, especially a lily white skinned blonde one. Someone who is uncompromisingly cruel, and who requires absolute submission. She would require forsaking of anything and everything meaningful, and sacrifice all. His entire identity in submission to Her Supremacy, be it his beliefs, family, race and religion all the while berating him with unspeakable verbal degradation. He craved sadistic verbal tongue lashing, taken to that space where nothing else mattered but Her. He expressed that there were no limits on verbal humiliation he needed. He summarized that he was a mental masochist who desperately needed a mental sadist. With that he sincerely begged Me to consider his request. Music to My ears and I could not believe how compatible we were! He was saying all the right things to stimulate My evil mind. He was beyond thrilled to know he found the person, his ultimate vision come to fruition. He had finally found his All-American Arrogant Blonde. I creamed just listening to him describe his fantasy and his genuine pleas. He managed to awaken the Blonde Devil in Me. There was nothing, in what he said, that I had not heard before. I have played those scenarios in the past. This self-anointed AMM (arab mental masochist) was a sample platter of all of these, I could pick and choose from, depending on My mood. And, he was so genuine. I am glad he was finally able to open up and communicate. We had already been on the phone for four hours. Finally, we began our deliciously exquisite socially and politically taboo game. Another couple of hours flew by. Luckily My slave girl was nearby to clean Me up, several times. I needed a break but AMM could not get enough of it. He offered to pay high rates to keep it going. I was tempted for another two hours and then I called it a night. Next day, before I was ready to start the day, he reached out to see if I would be up to play some more. I was hesitant but he made an offer I could not refuse–the HIGHEST rate per minute the site would allow and a hefty tip on the side! So, the day began, Me without having a chance to shower. Another eight hours spent annihilating his brain and I pulled out the figurative spiked whip and handed his feeble mind the whipping of his life. I am sure that his brain resembled mincemeat afterwards. My slave girl was super busy cleaning Me all day. The following two days were the same, except I was up early and showered. I, AMM and the slave girl had ONE hell of a long weekend. Moral of the story — ASK and you shall receive–IF you can stimulate My MIND.