Red Latex

A little about Me

Subs always want to know everything about Me! I get so many questions and obviously I can’t answer them all! Truly, a sub has no right to ask any personal questions anyway! However, I do love to spoil you naughty subs so if you really want to know all about Me call Me My nosy sub! Here is a little bit more about Me for My truly deserving subs.
I grew up an entitled Angel brat who got away with just about everything! I always got what I wanted from the very beginning at home and everywhere else! After all pretty girls deserve pretty things, do they not? There were so many eager beaus to be in My company. I could sense those willing to do just about anything and it just put a smile on My face. Of course, I enjoyed the attention and all the other benefits. I made the most of it and took advantage of them without knowing anything about BDSM. I knew I was a special American girl! I am extremely feminine and love being pampered and spoiled and now I am well versed in the subject of power exchange. I have been very lucky in life. Blessed with beauty, brains and so many well-wishers. Do I own slaves? Of course, I do! I have one who does everything I say and I run every aspect of his life. Then there is My first slave. He’s a real gentleman, a family friend and so called Uncle. He used to buy Me the things I wanted when I was in school. He bought Me a car and gave Me all the money I needed. Once I graduated, he wanted to help Me until I got a job. He paid for My apartment and all the expenses. When I graduated, I told him I had no intention of actually working and that our arrangement would continue. Since then, he has been paying for everything and more, pretty much My whole life. He’s bought Me two houses to date! The interesting thing is we don’t have any specified arrangement per se, it just happens this way and it will always be. He expects nothing in return and he doesn’t get any. He gladly gives everything and I take it! We’re both very happy with things. Therefore, I don’t have any worries about making a living and I’m able to dabble into all kinds of things. When I started to practice BDSM I told him about it and he remarked I’d found My calling in life and I think he’s right. He’s more of My slave then most who have crossed My path yet he is technically not a slave.
Another popular question I am asked about is My style of female domination.  What I have said so far should give you some idea. I’m very knowledgeable about sensual erotic role play scenarios and I have been doing this for a long time, on and off, whenever I feel like it. I get such an incredible rush from power play and knowing all kinds of people and their different fetishes. I’ve seen it all. Nothing surprises Me. My favorite is to get so deeply into someone’s head and keep them so deep into sub space to where they forget they are in a session. Absolute immersive play. I guess I’m a mental sadist. My best place partner would be a mental masochist. Socially taboo, forbidden topics really excite Me.  Nowadays, I’m very selective about My play partners. They need to stimulate Me intellectually and we need to have chemistry. I need to know them in some capacity which I do via Niteflirt. I love Niteflirt, where I have so many fans with all their amazing fetishes! Of course, I am often asked as to whether or not I keep female slaves, the answer is yes! I have a couple female pets who are at My beck and call. And lastly, am I looking for a personal slave? Not actively, but if someone proves to Me their loyalty and meets My expectation and I truly like them, I will just claim them.
Ok….I’ve spoiled you all so this is enough for now……